Set it and forget it

With real-time speech-to-text transcription, Cassette documents your conversation effortlessly – so you’ll never miss a thing. 

Bookmark important moments for later with one tap, while Cassette records your entire conversation's audio automatically.

Tag themes or emotions in one tap with color coded bookmarks.



Effortlessly find what's important

Search across all your content to find any quote, note, conversation, or project you’re looking for instantly.

Get a birdseye view of what matters with Briefs – short visual summaries of your conversation's highlights. Or skim annotated transcripts to save yourself hours of reviewing audio.

Capture insights quickly with time-stamped comments, or reflect on takeaways in your Notebook.



Plays nicely with your favorite tools.

Effortlessly share transcripts and recordings to your favorite apps – like Dropbox, Google Drive, Evernote, Slack, Box, and your email client. Or use Airdrop to view on your computer.



Professional-grade security & privacy.

Conversations are transcribed with machine learning, and never seen by a human.

Your data is encrypted during transcription, and stored only on your device – never on a server. (Note: if you delete the app without exporting your conversations, you will lose your data.)



Welcome to your new superpower. 

Your conversations, beautifully & automatically documented, all in one place. Say goodbye to hours of organizing and locating notes across multiple platforms.

Transcription is always improving: currently measuring over 90% accuracy in test conditions, though ambient noise and speaking style can affect accuracy. Our users find that even suboptimal accuracy adds value, by enabling them to search for keywords or skim a transcript. We're hard at work on features like transcript editing and alternate word choices to make your transcripts even more powerful.

Leave your notetaker behind. Cassette captures it all – empowering you to work anywhere, on your own time, without missing a thing.