Can I also record video calls and phone calls using Cassette?

Cassette records using the iPhone microphone. If you’re using Cassette on your iPhone, you'll need to do the phone call on speakerphone from another device. If you’re on a video call using your laptop, unplug your earphones or connect to speakers and just record with Cassette on your iPhone. The app will be able to hear you and everyone on the call, and transcription will work without any issues. If you want to record a phone call, take the call using another phone or laptop and set it to speakerphone. Then, start Cassette on your iPhone and it will record everything that’s said by anyone on the call. If you have a Mac, you can also make phone calls from your Mac (which will connect via your iPhone). Just make the call from your computer without earphones and leave Cassette running on your iPhone.

If you want to record a phone call from the same device, you can use any of the popular phone call recordings on the App Store. Once you finish recording the call, you can export the audio recording into Cassette, then transcribe & search it. In a future update, we’ll also allow you to record phone calls from inside Cassette.