What languages does Cassette understand?

Cassette currently recognizes US English. We’re actively working on adding UK English, Spanish, French, Brazilian Portuguese, Japanese, Modern Standard Arabic, and Mandarin. Those languages will be available within a few weeks, followed quickly by other languages.




How accurate is Cassette transcription?

We’ve seen Cassette accuracy above 90% under test conditions, but variations in speaking style and background noise can affect accuracy. However, our users find that even suboptimal accuracy adds value by enabling them to use Search or skim the transcript & skip to the relevant parts. We're always working on improving transcription accuracy, as well as adding features like manual editing and alternate word suggestions, to help make transcripts more accurate.




How secure is Cassette?

Cassette is designed to be used for even the most sensitive conversations. While other services use humans for manual transcription, Cassette transcribes using only software – so no human ever sees or accesses any of your data. Your recordings, transcriptions, bookmarks and notes are stored only on your device – not on any servers. All transmission to and from your device for transcription is encrypted.



Can I view my Cassette transcripts, notes and recordings on my computer?

You can export your recordings, transcripts and notes from your iPhone to your computer using your favorite apps: including AirDrop, Dropbox, Box, Google Drive, Slack, Evernote, email and iMessage. To do so, just tap the share icon from the Brief screen of a conversation. We’re also working on a web app, which will allow you to access all your data from any computer – as well as see bookmarks and notes, search, and skip to specific parts of the audio recording.




Does Cassette work on iOS or Android?

Cassette is already available for download on your iPhone or iPad at the App Store. We are working on releasing an Android version in the next few months. You can request early access by clicking the the button below. 


Can I also record video calls and phone calls using Cassette?

Cassette records using the iPhone microphone. If you’re using Cassette on your iPhone, you'll need to do the phone call on speakerphone from another device. If you’re on a video call using your laptop, unplug your earphones or connect to speakers record with Cassette on your iPhone. The app will be able to hear you and everyone on the call, and transcription will work without any issues. If you want to record a phone call, take the call using another phone or laptop and set it to speakerphone. Then, start Cassette on your iPhone and it will record everything that’s said by anyone on the call. If you have a Mac, you can also make phone calls from your Mac (which will connect via your iPhone). Just make the call from your computer without earphones and leave Cassette running on your iPhone. In a future update, we’ll also allow you to record phone calls from the same device that Cassette is running on.




Can I import existing audio recordings into Cassette?

At the moment, Cassette only supports recordings that are created using the app. However, we’ll also allow you to import existing audio recordings from other apps in an update coming in a few weeks.




Can I rename or delete a project, or change which project a conversation is in?

For now, you can’t delete or rename a project once it’s been created, or move conversations. However, we'll be adding this functionality in an upcoming version.




Do you offer enterprise plans or bulk pricing?

Yes, we do! Please contact us by clicking the button at the bottom of this page.